Varme Underfloor Heating
Varme Under Floor Heating Cable Mat Varme Cable Mat

The Varme Mat electric underfloor heating system uses the same high quality cable supplied in the kits, but comes pre-attached to a mesh so it can be simply 'rolled out' for speed of installation in large areas.

Varme Under Floor Heating Loose Cable Varme Loose Cable

The Varme cable kit is by far the most popular electric underfloor heating system in small confined areas such as bathrooms, whilst the larger kits offer cost savings against mats of the same size.

Varme Under Floor Heating Carbon Heating Film Varme Carbon Film

Our Carbon Heating Film is ideally suited for installation beneath wood or laminate floors. At less than half a millimeter thick, it has a negligible effect on floor height. The film is laid over our exceptional 6mm Depron Foam insulation (which replaces the standard flooring underlay) to give a minimal effect on your floor height - less than 7mm!

In Screed Cable - Underfloor Heating

Our 20w per linear metre in-screed cable is designed to be installed in a concrete screed (usually 60-100mm).

In Screed cable for Underfloor Heating
Layed Out In Screed Cable

The system is a primary heat source and can be used under almost any floor covering.

The output is varied by the cable spacing and usually ranges from 120-150w per sqm in a new build or extension, up to 200w per sqm in a conservatory, or where an 'off-peak' solution is required.

This cable is also ideal for use directly below thick stone and flagstone type flooring.

In-screed cables are a low cost solution and are designed to be used where regular constant heat is required. Where irregular heating is needed (e.g. conservatory for ad-hoc use) we recommend the under-tile system with insulation boards (or an under wood/laminate carbon film system).

In Screed Floor Cutout


•  High quality cable design
•  Low cost
•  Ideal for permanent heating of screed floors
•  Also suitable for de-icing driveways

In Screed Floor Cut Away

Price includes heating cable, digital thermostat with floor sensor, VAT and delivery.

The table below shows the range of cables available from stock.

Product Code
Cable length
FHSC20 - 240
12 m
240 w
FHSC20 - 400
20 m
400 w
FHSC20 - 500
25 m
500 w
FHSC20 - 600
30 m
600 w
FHSC20 - 800
40 m
800 w
FHSC20 - 1000
50 m
1000 w
FHSC20 - 1200
60 m
1200 w
FHSC20 - 1400
70 m
1400 w
FHSC20 - 1600
80 m
1600 w
FHSC20 - 2000
100 m
2000 w
FHSC20 - 2400
120 m
2400 w
FHSC20 - 3000
150 m
3000 w
FHSC30 - 1000
32 m
1000 w
FHSC30 - 1400
48 m
1400 w
FHSC30 - 2500
80 m
2500 w
FHSC30 - 3500
129 m
3500 w