Varme Underfloor Heating
Varme Under Floor Heating Cable Mat Varme Cable Mat

The Varme Mat electric underfloor heating system uses the same high quality cable supplied in the kits, but comes pre-attached to a mesh so it can be simply 'rolled out' for speed of installation in large areas.

Varme Under Floor Heating Loose Cable Varme Loose Cable

The Varme cable kit is by far the most popular electric underfloor heating system in small confined areas such as bathrooms, whilst the larger kits offer cost savings against mats of the same size.

Varme Under Floor Heating Carbon Heating Film Varme Carbon Film

Our Carbon Heating Film is ideally suited for installation beneath wood or laminate floors. At less than half a millimeter thick, it has a negligible effect on floor height. The film is laid over our exceptional 6mm Depron Foam insulation (which replaces the standard flooring underlay) to give a minimal effect on your floor height - less than 7mm!

Varme Underfloor Heating Insulation Panels / Boards

Tile Backer Board

Varme underfloor heating insulation panels / boards are well suited for underfloor and under tile heating applications. Offering excellent Thermal properties, high density and they are moisture proof. Installed below underfloor heating cables or mats on an existing un-insulated concrete or timber floor they will greatly reduce warmup time and subsequent running costs. The Varme tile backer board is an advanced product which saves you money by preventing heat loss. Varme Board is ideal for use with under-tile heating systems and being 100% waterproof is ideal for wetrooms.

Underfloor Heating Insulation Panel

Available in 7 thicknesses:- from 6 to 70mm view our underfloor heating insulation panel / Varme Tile Backer Board technical specifications here: Technical Spec Download

Depron Foam

Depron is a millimetre thin insulation sheet manufactured of fully recycled material, free from freon and halogen. The sheet is produced of foamed polystyrene, a material that does not age. The cell structure in the sheet is built up of fine, closed cells that give it its excellent physical and mechanical characteristics.

Depron Foam Insulation

Depron is a highly efficient extruded polystyrene insulation material suitable for use below wood, laminate or even carpets. Available in 6mm sheets: 6mm 1250mm x 800mm. If you are looking for Depron for modelling / crafts please click here.

Technical Specifications can be found on our Downloads page.